Burgas 20 - 50 employees


The HOYER GROUP, which has its headquarters in Hamburg, was founded by Walter Hoyer in 1946, and has since then become one of the leading suppliers of pioneering solutions in bulk logistics.
With its presence in 87 countries worldwide by company-owned subsidiaries and agents, the HOYER GROUP turned over
653 million EUR in 2003. A workforce of 3915 ensures that customer demands are met every day. The Group's transport capacity of 12,103 containers, 2,815 road tankers, 2,287 trucks and over 8,500 IBCs provides the basis for flexible and expert services.
The HOYER GROUP's core competence covers 6 areas of business: chemicals, food, petroleum, gas and silo logistics, as well as every kind of technical and logistical activity. By implementing individual full-service concepts while also providing concrete transport services, the Group is able to satisfy the highest standards of global markets.
Transport, storage, transhipment of fluids, bulk products and gases, be it tank cleaning, workshops, filling and blending of products or individual consulting HOYER always has a suitable solution for you, one that is safe and professional.

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