TST Ltd.
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We are not, and don't strive to be, the largest logistics supplier. We are the best. We like to consider ourselves logistics chameleons. Just as a chameleon changes its outward coloring to adapt to its environment, TST customizes its services to meet each client's specific needs. Our specialty is our ability to create successful logistics solutions by understanding our clients' business intimately. We can move anything anywhere as effectively as any organization on the planet. And we can do that for you. Please browse this website to understand more about our innovative products and services. Then contact one of our professionals and make us prove TST's motto: Your Choice; Our Commitment.

The scope of activities of TST Ltd. includes international transport, trade and logistics. Concerning international transport we are mostly specialized in the following directions: To/from Western Europe countries, neighbor-countries, Former Soviet Union countries And the Near East.

We operate with transport compositions with volumes from 30 m3 to 120 m3. Shipments are tracked down while being transported from point to point. We are also very flexible concerning time and place of loading/unloading.

We have competitive prices and offer high quality of services.

We are trading with foods and supplies.The company has at it’s disposal customs bonded warehouses with total area 1900 sq. m. Company’s profile includes different transport services including transportation of groupage, high volume, temperature controlled shipments, ADR and textile goods, as well as hanging garments. Our well developed network of trading partners and transport companies enables us to offer our clients the most suitable transport solutions in compliance with their needs.

Having TST as transport contractor is a guarantee for meeting your transport needs the easiest possible way combined with the most creative logistics solutions.