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FORTON International was created as a subsidiary of Address Group. It inherited over a decade of experience, substantial client base and a team of 70 professionals distributed in the six largest cities in Bulgaria. Forton was the first and is still the only company specializing exclusively in commercial real estate services nationwide.

We are proud to be associated with Cushman&Wakefield/Healey&Baker. The international network of our partners enables us to handle clients’ requirements in over 50 countries around the globe.

Company profile

FORTON International JSCo and its employees are guided in all their activities by the company’s core values – integrity, transparency, professionalism, energy and innovation. These principles serve one goal – to ensure our clients’ success.

FORTON International JSCo was established as a subsidiary of Address Group with the objective to provide commercial real estate services in a new, dynamic, and promising market. We are the only nationwide integrated real estate advisory company delivering a full range of services.

We work closely with our clients to achieve greater understanding of their individual objectives. At FORTON we take the pursuit of our clients’ goals as personal responsibility as we strive to offer the best individual solution. This makes us different.

Our team speaks with over a decade of experience. We know the issues that our clients face and we know how to handle them. The professional and personal skills of our associates are a powerful tool for achieving our clients’ goals in the real estate sector.

We base our work on a set of principles and procedures that embody the best traditions of a reputable company operating with total integrity and honest approach to every client. We keep our promises.

Staying ahead is a process. It takes progressive thinking, open-mind, and passionate attitude. We encourage innovative thinking and try different approaches. At the same time we never lose touch with reality being continuously focused on clients’ objectives.

We are proud to be associated with the global real estate firm Cushman & Wakefield Healey & Baker. This enables us to handle client requirements in 50 countries around the globe. Cushman & Wakefield delivers integrated solutions by managing on behalf of and advising landlords, tenants, and investors through every stage of the real estate process.