Association Roditeli
Bulgarian Parents Association

Association Roditeli (Parents) is registered June 19th, 2001 as a nonprofit legal entity of public interest.
Managing body 5 member Managing Board . The association is represented by the Chairmen of the board. Current Chairmen Mrs. Eva Borissova M.D.
Association Roditeli is:
Member of European Parents Association
National coordinator and member of the board of the National Network for Children a network of non-governmental organizations, working in the field of child protection.

Mission Statement:
Support parents to be the best parents they could be, support children to become the best adults they could be.

Main Goals (as per Association statute)
Recognition of parenthood as a basic value in the society and family as the best environment for every childs successful development.

- promotion of social and legal aspects of family support and child protection.
- Strengthening of community values through parents and sharing of values between parents and children.
- Providing general and special support to parents in terms of education, health and social integration of their children.
- Support to parents in crises willing to reintegrate the society, to restore their parents rights.
- Support of single parents
- Promotion of the active participation of parents in education of their children including kindergartens and schools.
- Promotion of the concept of community control over child raising institutions.

Protection of the Childrens rights as stipulated by the UN Convention through:
- providing support to children against violation of their rights
- promoting healthy lifestyle education and childrens healthcare as a priority in the healthcare system, including protection of childrens rights as patients
- providing support to children with special talents
- encouragement of children mass sport and art studies
- recognition of family values between children
- developing positive attitude towards charity as a manifestation of the sense of solidarity in the society
- prevention of any violence manifestation against children
- prevention of children exposure to pornography, gambling, drug, alcohol addiction and any form of antisocial behavior
- support to socially defavorised children in view of their successful integration in the society.



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