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ICYGEN is an American company for design and development of information systems. It was founded in 1999 in California.
We put our efforts into making ICYGEN a leading company where creativity, technology and business meet and melt together to build a balanced solution for every client, every time. A few months after its foundation in California the company opened its Bulgarian office.

The initial function of this branch was outsourcing part of the company activity to Europe. The main objectives of the Bulgarian office were technological development of products for international clients and utilizing the potential of the Bulgarian IT specialists, which are well known in the USA with their broad knowledge and experience. Since the beginning of 2002 ICYGEN has been actively marketing its services in Bulgaria as well.

Among the clients of the company are large corporations such as JPMorganChase, Bank of America, NY Times, Hewlett Packard, Leonardo Group AG, as well as several Bulgarian institutions, including Eurobank, The National Association of Municipalities in the Republic of Bulgaria, The Bulgarian American Investment Fund, and others.

ICYGEN projects combine the expertise of marketing and technical specialists. The core services of ICYGEN are:

  • Internet Marketing Solutions
  • Corporate Website Development
  • Corporate Information Systems Development

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