European Software Design

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About us


European Software Design is a fast growing Bulgarian software house.



We are a skilled team of software designers, software developers and test engineers with a deep experience and knowledge matured in European ICT companies.

We use state-of-the-art technologies in building multi-language software in many application fields. Our customers are International Public Administrations, as well as local and multinational companies. European Software Design develops solutions in school catering segment and large plants facility management. We work in partnership with banks and service companies in Italy. We provide WEB W3C compliant software solutions according to European Accessibility Laws. Our primary goal is best satisfaction of our customer's needs.

Our success is not a matter of chance, but an outcome from joint efforts of a smart and effective team. European Software Design helps its people grow fast with it.

Forthcoming projects are opening more challenges and vacancies in our headquarter office in Sofia.