America for Bulgaria Foundation


 About the America for Bulgaria Foundation

The America for Bulgaria Foundation (ABF) assists in the development and growth of a vibrant private sector in Bulgaria, helping the country to realize its full potential as a successful, modern European nation.  ABF’s founding was made possible by the success of the Bulgarian-American Enterprise Fund (BAEF), an investment fund created by the United States of America, through the US Agency for International Development (USAID) to support the development of the private sector in Bulgaria.   Grants provided through ABF’s endowment will build on the legacy of goodwill and friendship that exists between the American people and the citizens of Bulgaria.

The future prosperity of Bulgaria depends upon the robustness of its private sector.  ABF’s Programs for the Economically Disadvantaged recognize that to develop a fully functioning market economy, Bulgaria’s economically disadvantaged must be included.  There are extremely high levels of unemployment and very low levels of education among the poor, and the largest segment of these poor are Roma.  To level the playing field (equal opportunity, not equal outcomes) without special privileges, ABF seeks to improve, in a measurable way, employment and education among Bulgaria’s poor and to thus ensure their eventual contribution to the private sector.