PPT - PRIX POUR TOI is a part of the Romanian company PRETURI PENTRU TINE founded in 2006, which operates in more than 137 shops reaching a total of over 920 employees nationwide. In the autumn of 2013, we have expanded and the Republic of Moldova and we launched online sales service, with a fully integrated platform www.ppt.ro. In the Republic of Moldova we already have more than 24 locations and over 190 employees, so this year we want to expand in Bulgaria.

In its 8 years of existence, we managed to stand us a market leader in the segment of our activity.

The main object of the activity is trading of textile products and shoes, plus a range of household products along with a wide range of cosmetic products.

The company is in a process of accelerated development, doubling turnover from year to year, until the end of 2015, aiming to reach a total of over 160 outlets, both in the country and over the border, and a total staff of over 1200 people.

Regardless of the level of intellectual or social position, financial or aspirations of everyone from life, we all think the same, why should you give a product more than I do! "