"Keys, wallet, phone; checked, ready to go!"- part of everyonce daily routine.

phyre is an ambitious startup company, striving to bring the wallet out of this checklist. Equipped with strong professional background and a wealth of expertise, our team is focused on this single goal.

Our first release is already in production and a lot of users have made their wallets lighter by digitalizing their loyalty cards. Now we are hunting for new talents to fuel our growth and help us bring in phyre more of what you use your wallet for.

As an early-stage startup company we don't have an HR department that will take special care of you, organize social events or whatsoever; but the team will never let you down and for having a beer together, we don't need somebody special to do it.

We cant compare with a lot of other companies in organizing 5 star hotel team buildings, great social packages, etc. but we do have something money can't buy: culture that will let you discover your true potential.. and share options package for the core team members.

The career growth opportunity is great; we are hiring for our core team.