TriplePro Bulgaria


Hello, we're TriplePro. We do Brand Strategy, Design and Marketing Consultancy. We're the Bulgarian brand of a Dutch company with over 10 years of experience in Cross-Channel Marketing. 

Why did we come to Bulgaria? 
Simple - we think that Bulgaria is full of talented entrepreneurs and great products that don't get the credit they deserve due to financial reasons or lack of expertise. 

What do we do in Bulgaria? 
We help companies/producers, NGO's and NPO's to put their ideas into motion and market themselves in and outside of Bulgaria in the best way possible. We'll manage your entire project lifecycle and work towards the main goal - getting in sales or funding for your organization. No matter how good your product is, we all know that in the end of the day, numbers matter. 
With that being said, we have a special place in our hearts for projects with green/bio character because we think that good things should be accessible to a bigger audience. 
Some of our partners and clients here include UNICEF Bulgaria, Biottery, Praktrik, betahaus and American University in Bulgaria.