Родригес Корпорейшън ЕООД



Top quality is the benchmark of Rodriguez fragrances. The durability of our perfumes surpasses most of the beauty products you have ever used. The high concentration of etheric oils (22-25 per cent) ensures that your perfume would last more than 10 hours after spraying it while more intense fragrances can reach up to 16 hours. Clients who compare our fragrances with other scents they have used always return to us enthusiastic from the experience of a new sensation - a perfume that stays with them the whole day through and secures a great feel and a lot of complements from others around them.

Our fragrances are made in France - the country with greatest traditions in producing perfumes. A good fragrance is a subtle thing and a great proficiency is needed in its creation so that it can become really lasting and beautiful. This is the reason why we have refused cheaper suppliers from other countries and preferred the sublime masters of scents - the French perfumers. This guarantees to you a true experience of luxury thanks to your perfume under the Rodriguez brand.

However, we have reached even further - our wish was to offer this outstanding luxury in a bottle at the best possible price. The reason was that we knew this is possible if unnecessary overcharging and trade tricks are avoided. Our integrity and our wish to make clients happy made us offer the highest quality perfume on the market at a price that will surprise you with its affordability.

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