PILGRIM EDUCATION Publishing Company is a leader of IT-technologies educational market. Learning English as foreign language is our priority. We believe English is the most important implantation tool of multicultural principles to achieve interpenetration, enrichment and development of mass culture.

Our mission is to popularize new effective methods of learning among teachers, pupils and parents.All publishing projects are created in a strict accordance to the current governmental learning languages curricula.

Our printed publications are the part of the multimedia training sets that consist of books, website and mobile application.

We give an opportunity of free alternative educational learning from home for millions of children. Watching videos is a tool of learning. Our video content is divided into separate convenient blocks.

Social responsibility is a priority of the PILGRIM EDUCATION actions. We actualize ‘Equal Opportunities’ project hand-in-hand with Ministries of Education in the countries we work with. The aim of the project is to offer a free provision of modern educational literature, created and functioning with the latest IT-technologies that give access to video tutorials system for children with special educational needs, staying at the individual home studying.