Gornja zona d.o.o.
10 - 20 служителя Кандидатстване
Bar Bender & Steel Fixers
Zagreb, Хърватия
длъжност на пълно работно време
От 1500 до 2000 лв.

Bar Bender & Steel Fixers

Zagreb, Хърватия длъжност на пълно работно време От 1500 до 2000 лв.

За нас

We are construction company based in Zagreb, Croatia specialized in steel fixing work.


Bar bender & Steel Fixer is responsible for marking, cutting and bending of rebars using hand or power tools effectively, fabricating, placing and fixing reinforcement at the desired location using correct ties within specified time and tolerance. The individual should have good knowledge of safe work practices and handling of rebars properly.

Изисквания и необходими умения

The individual is expected to be physically fit and should be able to work across various locations in withstanding extreme conditions while working. The individual should be organized, diligent, methodical and able to implement and maintain safety practices. The individual should have independent ability to take quick decisions and have good communication skills and shall be able to work within a team to handle various bar bending tools and materials and work responsibly for own work within defined limit.

Ние Ви предлагаме

Benefits includes:
-Refund of travel expense ( ticket) to Croatia
-Trasnport allowance
-Housing allowance or we provide accomodation
-Food allowance when on field work
-Medical covrege - according to Croatian labor laws
-Pension benefits - according to Croatian labor laws
-Paid annual leave-according to Croatian labor laws
-Paid overtimes, bonuses

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