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Indonesia Legacy Volunteer
Jakarta- Medan- Bali
доброволен труд

Indonesia Legacy Volunteer

Jakarta- Medan- Bali доброволен труд

За нас

You will have the exclusive opportunity to live and work in this diverse and beautiful country of Indonesia from the white sand beaches and spas in Bali, to working amongst the international financial and technological giants based in one of Southeast Asia’s largest and most vibrant cities of Jakarta, or between the jungles, lakes and volcanic mountains of Northern Sumatra and Medan. Volunteers have the option to complete their program at any of our IHF Education Centers located in Jakarta, Bali, and Medan.


The International Humanity Foundation (IHF) has been active in Indonesia since 1984. Though each center has unique needs and challenges the primary goal of each is the same, to provide free supplementary education for children from economically underprivileged backgrounds. Volunteers who sign up to donate their time at one of our IHF Education Centers make a very real impact during their stay participating in any or all of the following local tasks:

Assist with our education programs teaching or supporting our English, Math and Computer classes
Organize special games, activities, and workshops for the children
Help improve our center by participating in small projects and repairs
Engage in a cultural exchange with the students and teachers at the center
Share your knowledge, skills and experience with the communities we serve through our community outreach projects
Support our local Indonesian teachers through both professional mentorship and social friendships cultivated

Spend your free time exploring your surroundings; for more information on each center and what the location has to offer please explore our Tourism Guides below:

IHF Medan Tourism Guide
IHF Jakarta Tourism Guide
IHF Bali Tourism Guide

Ние Ви предлагаме

In addition to making a notable difference in the lives of children, you will:

Enhance your CV with international experience
Explore the natural beauty of Indonesia
Immerse yourself in local culture
Join a global network of IHF volunteers and alumni
Leave a Legacy by adding value to our center with your knowledge, skills and experience