50 - 300 служителя Кандидатстване
Monters of sprinkler systems, air conditioning and plumbing
други в чужбина, Холандия
длъжност на пълно работно време

Monters of sprinkler systems, air conditioning and plumbing

други в чужбина, Холандия длъжност на пълно работно време

За нас

A Dutch company providing projects and jobs for qualified professionals in the fields of metalworking, welding, installation - water, air, electrical industry and marginal construction - mainly in the Netherlands and Belgium. In September 2018 with 140 employees.
With more than 12 years of specialization and experience in these markets, we offer only current and longer-term projects with above-standard pay and paid accommodation, where 95% of our employees have separate rooms. As we choose among candidates, we choose among clients.
We are not concerned with quantity but with the quality and good teams of people who can appreciate this. We always play fair, and that's what we are paid for.


We are looking for monters for long-term construction projects for installations of Sprinkle system, Air conditioning and Plumbing.
Salary 2450 Eur net. Accommodation payed.

Job description: installation of water distribution, heating, ventilation and sprinkler systems.

It is a long-term work, the expected date of completion of this project is September 2019. The projects will be implemented in different locations. Various materials are being used, from the initial installation of waste and water, air conditioning, sprinkles, to finishing in bathrooms and kitchens (shower enclosures, radiators, kitchens, etc.).

We are looking for industrial insulators - especially square, circular - isover, rockwool, armaflex, piping, support structures, armaflex, tubolite, etc.

Изисквания и необходими умения

Employee requirements:
- Candidates with education are in a good position
*secondary school without GCSE
*secondary school with GCSE
*post-secondary / higher vocational education
*university degree
*undergraduate II. degree
- Language skills
*English - Intermediate (B1) or German - Intermediate (B1) or Dutch - Intermediate (B1)
- Driving licence B
- Years of practice - 2

Ние Ви предлагаме

Employee benefits:
- Working on a contract:
- 500-550 net weekly for basic 40 hours (according to your practice and knowledge of speech)
- vacation about 110EUR per month
- refund of health insurance about 70EUR per month
- Total from EUR 2350 to EUR 2550 Net per hour per month
- tours in agreement with the company, usually every 5 weeks
- accommodation paid,
- health insurance,
- sickness, social, pension and all necessary contributions paid,
- the possibility of receiving contributions and child allowances,
- Contact and assistance in the Netherlands.