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София длъжност на непълно работно време

За нас

Part-time Sales Associate - Paradise Center

Celebrated for over 25 years by style conscious and trend-savvy shoppers across the globe, Forever 21 has set the fashion industry on fire by showcasing the most current collections, on-trend apparel, and exciting shopping environments.
When you join the Forever 21 family, you will enjoy a fast-paced, exciting work environment with tremendous opportunities for growth. We are committed to challenging fashion boundaries, acting on behalf of our customers, and demonstrating passion in all that we do.
Forever 21 is committed to nurturing your talents and supporting your career goals with our fun work environment, team culture, and core values.


Part-time Sales Associates for 4 hours (20 hours/weekly)

Position summary:
- Support the company vision by executing sales drivers, operational practices, maintaining visual integrity, teamwork and excellent customer service. Primary responsibility is to engage customers while completing daily routines and assigned tasks.

Sales :
- engage customers to increase both Units per transaction and average transaction values

Operational discipline :
- maintain a clean and organized store
- follow all standart operating policies and procedures

Visual execution :
- support the timely execution of all visual and merchandising directives
- when zoning merchandise areas, upkeep merchandise to meet visual standarts

Teamwork :
- proactively engage in and support teamwork
- execute assigned role and any additional duties productively

Изисквания и необходими умения

Required attributes and competences :
- Good communication skills and interpersonal ability
- Flexibility with schedule required
- Task driven and teamwork oriented
- Possess a strong sense of urgency and energy
- Maintain confidentiality

Ние Ви предлагаме

By joining our team you will :
- Work in fun and dynamic environment
- Have the opportunity to develop a long term career in retail
- Be part of fast-growing company, both nationally and internationally