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Travel consultancy Agent with Romanian, Russian, Czech, German, French, Italian, Spanish, Dutch
длъжност на пълно работно време

Travel consultancy Agent with Romanian, Russian, Czech, German, French, Italian, Spanish, Dutch

София длъжност на пълно работно време

За нас

Astrea Recruitment is a company in the Human Resources field. Our goal is to find the most appropriate individuals for our business partners.

For one of our clients – we are seeking for positive, professional, energetic, and detail-oriented individuals to ensure complete customer satisfaction for the role of: Wholesale Travel Associate with Romanian, Russian, Czech, German, French, Italian, Spanish, Dutch.


1. How do you feel about delivering top notch customer service via phone, email or chat– both verbal and written ?
(a) Quite my thing, I love chatting to people!
(b) It’s alright;
(c) People can really find all that information online, no need to do;

2. In your job you’ll have to manage telephone calls regarding flight connections, new and existing reservations, accommodations, tours, activities and all sorts of exciting aspects of travelling abroad; How do you feel about those duties and responsibilities?
(a) I’m on it! Travelers deserve to feel secure and informed;
(b) Sure can do, it would be a bit exhausting but it’s a rewarding job;
(c) I think there are other people for those sorts of activities and I am not one of them.

Изисквания и необходими умения

3. There are a few language requirements for the role of Travel consultancy Agent you’ll need to know. Do not worry – no previous experience required!
* Fluency in Romanian, Russian, Czech, German, French, Italian, Spanish, Dutch;
* Good level of English – at least B1;
(a) Have that, I feel confident in it!
(b) My language skills are there but are quite rusty at the moment;
(c) I am very unsure in my skills in the abovementioned languages. I fear I might not be able to communicate freely.

4. You’ll definitely have to be a multitasker and a team player in your job as it requires a lot of empathy and patience. How does that fit with your profile?
(a) I am quite the people-person! Open towards challenges and accepting of feedback!
(b) I think I am good with people but there is a lot about me I need to improve that I am maybe not aware of;
(c) I’d like to keep to myself. Give me a task and leave me alone to work!

Ние Ви предлагаме

5. In return for all this, our client offers an outstanding remuneration package, an attractive salary and a great bonus scheme. How do you see yourself receiving this and working in a multilingual environment whilst improving on your professional and personal skills?
(a) Nothing better than that, sounds like an amazing company!
(b) I mean, who doesn’t.. But I’ll think about it;
(c) Not the social type, I can get that money from anywhere without putting in the effort.

Mostly (a)s? Do not hesitate to send us your CV, you’re our person!
Mostly (b)s? Do send us your CV and we’ll see what we can do with your motivation as we inform you a bit more of what you can receive!
Mostly (c)s? We would advise you to think twice before you apply. Is it the language level that’s bothering you? Your social skills? Take your time to develop them further and we’ll be expecting you on board!

We will contact the approved candidates shortly hereafter.

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