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Thursday, 08 January 2009
In order to facilitate all employers who have not enough time, opportunity or experience in creating and filling in an effective text of a job posting, the JobTiger team offers them a new service - Easy publishing of new job posting.

What is this service like?
Each employer (both registered and non-registered) can get a completed job posting on the site, after specifying its parameters with our team.

You can define the parameters of the job posting you would like to be generated and filled in by our team by sending a draft, a short description, a link to an already created posting (on another place) or any file that can give some information about it to the JobTiger team. Or you can contact us via phone.

The registered employers can use the service through their JobTiger profile on the "Easy publishing of new job posting" page or by sending the job posting as a message or an attachment via email. Phone number: + 359 2 4918 000.

The non-registered employers can send an e-mail (please, indicate your name, company and contact information) or can contact us on + 359 2 4918 000.

The price for filling in of one job posting is 15.00 BGN without VAT.
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