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Between 2000 and 3000 bgn


Other Abroad, Netherlands full-time Between 2000 and 3000 bgn

About us

Eurojob BV is a Dutch international recruitment and employment agency. With more than a thousand employees, Eurojob is one of the biggest players in this rapidly growing segment of the Dutch flex market. With years of experience and cooperation with the global companies, We know exactly how to discover the potential of each of our employees. We are focused on the development and long-term co-operation while providing all European standards. We recruit our employees in the European Union area, especially in Poland, Slovakia, Latvia, Estonia, Romania, Czech Republic and Hungary.


Х putting goods on the shelves, in the right place - according to the label placed at the info point. You must note product code, product name, weight, the quantity of the package, expiry date, quantity. All the information is on the productТs label.
Х revalue the expiration date products
Х you have to take care of the look of the store - should encourage customers to do shopping, so a good image of the supermarket is very important here.
Х taking care of the shelves (putting products that do not fit properly, fixing loose partitions, fixing loose cards at a shelf-product, picking empty cartons)
Х sorting empty boxes on the stuffed goods, separating the foil cartons from the cartons

Requirements and necessary skills

Х more than 18 years old
Х good level of the English or Dutch language in speech and writing
Х good physical condition and ability to work at a good speed
Х absorb easily new skills
Х ready to work in 3 shifts system, mostly on night shift
Х ready to work in an international group
Х driver licence
Х accuracy and precision
Х willing to work overtime, if needed
Х availability for a longer period
Х motivation
Х positive attitude

We offer

Х legal employment on a Dutch contract with a full social package
Х coordinatorТs help during the whole employment period
Х 5 days training, preparing for work, (with expenses allowance)
Х a gross salary of И11,78 per hour incl. ADV allowance (8,1% for 22y+)
Х additional 8% Holiday allowance (+И0.88 for every hour worked)
Х shift allowance of +50% when working after 22:00 till 06.00 (Monday Ц Saturday)
Х allowances for working on Sunday (+100%)
Х Monday Ц Saturday night and are additionally charged at Dutch rates - up to И16.78 per hour
Х real possibility to earn between И1500 and И1700 NETTO per month.
Х accommodation (costs matched to candidateТs age) and transport to work
Х NL insurance
Х reimbursement for commuting (in the case of self-car travel) up to a maximum of И14.56 per day.
Х help with all formalities
Х possibility to get a promotion to team leader position and extension of a contract
Х free tea and coffee during the breaks, and everyday fresh food from the supermarket (at a normal charge)