Cassia Company Ltd
Recruiting Sourcer
Between 1000 and 1500 bgn

Recruiting Sourcer

Sofia full-time Between 1000 and 1500 bgn

About us

Cassia is a boutique healthcare recruitment company, offering high-value human resources to the growing demand of the Middle East medical industry. Our unique value proposition is based on placing highly qualified and experienced candidates from Western Nations into the rapidly expanding Middle Eastern market. We offer exciting career opportunities for motivated candidates interested in furthering their portfolio in one of the fastest growing healthcare segments in the world. Our candidates are hand-picked, coached and prepared for their new career venture and are supported throughout the entire hiring process. The Cassia team strives to exceed the expectation of our corporate clients by understanding their business needs, sourcing the right candidates for their open positions and making their on-boarding easy and efficient.


Closely collaborate with Cassias recruitment consultants to thoroughly understand the clients needs and specific job vacancies.
Create an effective and detailed job description for each of the job vacancies provided by the recruitment consultants
Review the current candidate database for possible matches for the new job vacancies
Post the job vacancy advertisements on Cassias recruitment management software, website, multiple job portal platforms, social media and any other provided channels.
Collaborate with Cassias marketing team to create effective job vacancy advertisements
Perform preliminary basic screening on candidates who applied for the new job vacancies
Contact candidates to reference check their information, interest and availability
Constantly maintain a clean and organized job vacancy and candidate database using Cassias recruitment management software
Closely collaborate with Cassias recruitment consultants to ensure timely sourcing of matching candidates.
Continuously research and discover new methods of promoting job vacancies and attracting potential candidates
Constantly look for ways to improve the process and reduce the time-to-hire metric.
Maintain the highest levels of customer service and professionalism while interacting with candidates, partners, and colleagues.
Be creative, think outside of the box, while meeting and exceeding the expectations and responsibilities of the job.

Requirements and necessary skills

The Recruiting Sourcer is responsible for sourcing the right candidates for Cassias open positions by following the companys process. The position is full-time and located in Sofia, Bulgaria.

We offer

A chance to work with an international team and progress your career in the recruitment industry.
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