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1st Electrician - with electrical propulsion knowledge if possible
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1st Electrician - with electrical propulsion knowledge if possible

Other Abroad full-time

About us

Global Maritime Group Inc. is a comprehensive supplier of shipping services. Our management programs include technical services, hotel operations, crewing, entertainment, food & beverage and a wide range of ancillary services.
Our group of companies provide a wide range of services to a fleet of vessels, covering ships of virtually every type.


Main function: Vessel’s electrical and electronic equipment, other than radio, navigational and TV equipment.
• Safe operation of all electrical machinery test schedules, alarm tests etc., as advised by the Chief Electrician
• Executing maintenance works and repairs of the electrical and electronic equipment according to his responsibility list
• Reporting executed maintenance to the Chief Electrician for entry into the planned maintenance system
• Provides support for technical maintenance activities on deck in co-operation with the deck officers, if instructed by Chief Electrician
• Notifies the Chief Engineer immediately of any defects which may affect the ship’s safety or put a risk on the marine environment
• Properly keeps the necessary documentation
• Ensures that all identified risks to the vessel, personnel and the environment and establish appropriate safeguards ( Risk Assessment)
• Monitors technical performance of the ship
• Ensuring all documentation/records relevant to the SMS is up to date and readily available, as per Company’s procedures

Requirements and necessary skills

CV should be with a photo, please do not forget to provide us as well with references from previous employers/copy of your appraisals.
• All certificates and licenses as required by the STCW Code for this position
• Knowledge of the applicable codes, guidelines and standards
• Knowledge of English
• Minimum of seagoing experience as Electrical Engineer or assistant for at least one year on board the vessels type or other adequate experience (unless decided different by the company)
• Well acquainted with the Safety, Health and Environmental Protection Management System & MLC requirements
• Minimum 10 years ship’s experience

We offer

Joining date 03/04/19 Singapore
contract duration 4 plus /minus 2 months