Wheeler Expeditions
Marketing & Client Relations Admin (Remote Work)
(Remote Work)
Between 500 and 1000 bgn

Marketing & Client Relations Admin (Remote Work)

(Remote Work) full-time Between 500 and 1000 bgn

About us

Want to work in an exciting industry, helping people live their dreams of adventure? Join us at Wheeler Expeditions, where you will have a chance to work with Dr. Jack Wheeler — called The Real Indiana Jones by The Wall Street Journal — and his team of adventure travel professionals.

Wheeler Expeditions was founded in 1976 by Dr. Jack Wheeler, a legend in the adventure travel industry. For over 40 years, we have been guiding people to live adventurous lives by designing and leading unique, engaging journeys integrating culture, history, and adventure.

Join our team and help more people live adventurous lives!

(Learn more about Wheeler Expeditions here: https://wheelerexpeditions.com)


Part 1: Social Media

- Schedule social media posts with Hootsuite and Buffer: ~ 4 posts per day (workdays)
- Basic video editing (cutting and pasting, etc.; can be learned quickly) for some of the above-mentioned social media posts
- Learn how to use social media marketing platforms

1. Raya Holiday, Art Director. Expert graphic and brand designer and native of Bulgaria, Raya will be working with you on the images and videos that will be posted to social media.
2. Patrick Loke, Marketing Director. Decades of experience as a professional marketer and native of Australia, Patrick will direct you in utilizing our marketing platforms, such as Facebook and Instagram.

Part 2: Contact Management and Engagement

- Coordinate GetResponse lists and updating Highrise Contact Management (clients, members, potentials, partners, and service providers)
- Create strategies for client engagement (direct marketing, surveys, etc.)
- Learn how to manage and engage with clients in an effective way

1. Rebel Holiday, COO. Business development specialist with vast experience helping entrepreneurial teams and startups grow, Rebel will help you in organizing and working with all of WX’s contacts.

Part 3: Client Expedition Planning

- Research hotels and restaurants on TripAdvisor and other sites (read reviews, check prices and availability)
- Coordinate with hotels and restaurants on bookings as needed
- For each expedition, add travelers’ info to:
1. Traveler Arrivals and Departures Log (based on individual flight itineraries)
2. Traveler Manifest Log – IDs & Passports, contact info, email, phone while traveling, WhatsApp
3. Traveler Medical and Emergency Contact Info
4. Highrise Database (physical address and client contact info)
5. Expedition Folder in Dropbox (passports, itineraries, etc.)
- Learn how to create and plan itineraries for custom-designed expeditions

1. Rebel Holiday, COO. Business development specialist with vast experience helping entrepreneurial teams and startups grow, Rebel will supervise your work in researching and planning adventures for Wheeler Expeditions.

Requirements and necessary skills

- Excellent written and spoken English, with an emphasis on grammatical precision and correct spelling.

- Willing to learn, positive attitude, curious, flexible, cooperative, willing to try, attention to detail, helpful, willing to ask questions, willing to grow and improve, seeking to develop new skills and be a team player of an exciting company.

Rather than necessarily already having experience with the areas listed below, we want to see that you are competent and curious enough to learn and grow professionally.

We offer

You will be trained in 3 key areas to be a valuable team player:

- Social Media
- Contact Management
- Client Expedition Planning

First 60 Days (Trial Period):

- 2-week Initial Training Period
- 6 weeks working


- 800 BGN/month
- Probable increase to 1,000 BGN/month
- Payable on 1st and 15th of month
- Further mutual review meetings monthly for feedback and continuous improvement between company and Admin