True or false:

The cover letter is just the "new version" of the old-fashioned format of application request.


  • By sending your CV to potential employers you undoubtfully declare your interest in employment with them; therefore, it would be simply a senseless effort to enclose a letter saying only that you would like to be hired by them.
  • The implication of the cover letter is supposed to be far multifaceted than it might seem. While the CV is more or less predictable as format and content, the cover letter is supposed to be your winning card. It allows you to sell yourself in a more creative, aggressive and convincing way.
  • A standard letter, with dotted space to fill-in the name of the company and the job title, just tells the potential employers that they do not differ much one from the other. It is as if you are saying, "I really dont care whether I will work for you or for someone else. I just want any kind of job."
  • You should have a sizzle in your letter, i.e. you should write something, which will make the employer invite you only because your statement sounds challenging and attractive, such as "If you have ever dreamed of hiring a person who can boost your sales for 3 months with 20% thats who I am."

The cover letter should add value to your CV in terms of content.


  • Theres no use of repeating one and the same thing twice whereas only changing the wording and format.
  • Be more creative and expand the information on your achievements, ambitions and competitive advantage.
  • Try to present additional information (one that is not mentioned in your CV) concerning facts, such as your contacts in the business, specific projects you have participated in, knowledge of the competition or the company itself, etc.

The cover letter should mainly flatter the employer.


  • It is always pleasing when you have somebody saying how good and unique you are, but when it comes to deciding whether he/she is worth seeing it does not affect much. Therefore, dont forget the letter is not a praising ode.
  • Of course, you should express your sincere interest and respect to the image and the achievements of the company but first of all you should prove to them you would be a valuable asset. Therefore, concentrate on how you will contribute to the companys success; dont be too general, neither go into extremes by promising the moon. Be consistent and specific.

It is sufficient to read the advert in order to be able to write your cover letter.


  • You should know far more than the wording of the advert in order to be able to intrigue the potential employer.
  • You should be informed at least on what is the history of the company, its major policy orientation and business plans, general personnel needs, products/ services and their characteristics, which are considered to be the key to success, etc.
  • In order to build up a relevant profile evidencing that you are the perfect match you should have quite a good idea about the overall criteria against which your application will be assessed. Unfortunately you will have only a small portion cited in the ad. Your intuition and knowledge of the business should allow you to guess what might be of value to the employer. Therefore, research the company; today it is far easier due to the access to Internet and the wide media interest in the business issues.

It is difficult to prepare a good cover letter when you just drop-in a company that is not actively searching for staff.


  • Definitely, you cannot be sure whether there would be any need for a person like you in a company where you have just dropped-in. Therefore, it is equally unclear whether your competencies will seem appealing at all. However, if you know the business and the direction, which the company is moving to, you should be able to evaluate whether the competencies you possess will be an asset. Then the above-mentioned principles will apply.
  • If you dont have any idea about the company strategy and market position isnt it better to search for information and assess more thoroughly whether it will be an interesting place to work in? If no, maybe you should review your career ambitions and search somewhere else.

Your cover letter should state some basic preferences and expectation of yours.


  • When you apply for a job it is natural that you would have some preferences and requirements to the employer. They may be delicately stated in the form of preferred job, i.e. I am self-motivated person, willing to take initiative, be trusted and work relatively independently. This statement (apart from the fact that it can support a requirement for initiative set in the advert or inherent to the position) reveals also the fact that you would like to be valued as a professional and as such you have some requirements in terms of rights and independence granted.
  • On the other hand, there are purely formal requirements related to salary levels, benefits, etc., which generally are subject to discussion at a more advanced stage. However, if your are more or less satisfied with your job and your primary motivation for a change is the financial factor, than you can state your expectations about salary level. This practice is not very popular in Bulgaria, however it will be valued by those human resources people who appreciate openness and who are pressed by time and financial resources. Generally, this approach can be applied by senior professionals who have adequate background to support their expectations and are considered top applicants. However, even they should not go into too many details in terms of expected rewards.
  • When applying further to an ad, you should point out that you would expect to be informed about the results of the recruitment campaign no matter whether they are positive or negative.
  • When you just drop-in to a company you can write down that you would contact the person to whom the letter is addressed in order to have his/her feedback on the corporate personnel needs.

Try to jot down what types of letters you might need to write when searching for a job. Whats the result? We have counted at least types of letters:

  • Motivation letter justifying your decision to drop-in a company.

    The letter reveals your motives to write to the respective employer, moreover, your call-in most probably would be unexpected. (See Standard Call Letter)
  • "Self-Sales" letter: a kind of an advertisement of yourself.

    It is not very popular in Bulgaria. The letter might seem too American, though the few cases, when people have used this format, at least brought to a first interview. (See Innovative Letter)
  • Networking letter by which you are requesting assistance and/or information from friends and acquaintances of yours.

    This type of letter is not practiced in Bulgaria, though in one way or another you are requesting such kind of information during your formal and informal contacts with people that might have access to the types of jobs you are interested in. So, why dont you focus and expand your efforts? (See Requesting Info from Friends Letter)

Your cover letter is ready?


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Criteria Match Letter


Maria Petrova
23 Perelink Str,
Sofia 1000
Tel: 33 33 33

12 October 2000

Dear Ms. Pencheva

This letter is with reference to your announcement for Chief Accountant as of 7 October 2000 in Capital. I am very much interested in the position and would like to apply for it because I feel certain that my qualifications, experience and personality match the requirements specified in the advertisement:

Your requirements / my qualifications

1.     At least 3 years of experience in accounting, cash flow management, and financial analysis in a production enterprise

I have acquired more than 7 years of accounting experience, 3 of which as Chief Accountant in newly privatized heavy industry plant. I have been responsible for the management of the accounting process, preparation of financial reports, budgeting and cash flow management. I have been engaged in the feasibility studies of several big investment projects.

2.      Knowledge of International Accounting Standards

My experience so far is solely with international companies, in which I have regularly prepared reports under the IAS. My present company has passed several successful audits under IAS.

3.     Managerial experience

As Chief Accountant I have managed a team of 7 accountants and I have learned how to allocate tasks according to their individual strengths, how to motivate them to perform at their best and how to control their work. I feel happy that in spite of the numerous opportunities for accountants there is no turnover in my department.

4.     Computer literacy and knowledge of SAP or other ERP software

One of my first projects as Chief Accountant has been the implementation of ERP system. I have been actively involved in the adaptation of the system for the plant specifics. Indicated in my enclosed CVs are the programs that I have experience with as well as the degree of proficiency in each one of them.

5.       Strong personality, ability to meet tight deadlines and work under pressure.

I have successfully implemented ERP software a month earlier than planned overcoming the resentment of some members of the accounting department.

I would appreciate if you consider my application. I will be happy to discuss with you my professional qualifications and my career plans. Please contact me at 33 33 33 at your convenience. I look forward to hearing from you.

Yours sincerely
Maria Petrova

Standard Application Announcement Letter


Lilia Stoicheva
10 Luilak Str,
Sofia 1000
Tel: 444444

12 October 2000

Dear Sir/Madam

This letter is to express my interest in the position of Human Resources Consultant, (Ref. 61/TX), published in the 24 Hours/Trud newspapers.

Your announcement provoked my interest because it is in a field that I plan to develop myself. I have acquired two years of experience in the field, focusing on human resource consulting and recruitment. During that time, in addition to my professional knowledge and skills, I have gained experience in dealing with clients from wide range of industries. I have been developing the abilities to quickly retrieve information, assist clients in need definition and to get along with people from various backgrounds.

During my work experience so far I have been given assignments with increased scope of responsibilities through which I have been able to master my organisational, managerial and communication skills. That is why I believe that I will be able to meet the high professional standards required by your organization.

What appeals to me in human resource consulting is the variety of assignments, the challenge of coming up with an innovative solution and the dynamics that requires continuous learning and application of the knowledge. Being at the beginning of my professional development I am eager to be exposed to new methods of work and to join teams in which I can broaden my knowledge. I am looking for an opportunity to work for an organization that has high standards of performance and true professionalism. In case I am given the chance to join your team of experts, my skills, knowledge and genuine desire to work will contribute to the performance of your company.

I would appreciate if you consider my application for this position. Furthermore, I would be delighted to discuss with you my CV and plans for development at your convenience. I am looking forward to hearing from you.

Yours faithfully
Lilia Stoicheva

Enclosure: CV

Letter with Feedback Form


Violeta Marcheva
31 Nezabravka St.
Sofia 1111
Tel: (+359 2) 585858

12 October

Todor Nikolov
Marketing Manager

Dear Mr. Nikolov

I am a Business Administration graduate from the Sofia University. I am very much interested in marketing and I would like to apply for a trainee position with the Marketing Department of WXY.

During my studies at the university I have participated in three marketing projects for promoting of fast moving consumer goods. These projects allowed me to gain insight into the practical aspects of marketing and I have been very much excited about them.

Marketing provoked my deepest interest because it provides the opportunity to be creative and apply non-standard approaches to problems.

I am enthusiastic to work and to develop professionally. I am eager to be exposed to new approaches and I would appreciate if I can learn from your innovative and pro-active style of work.

My enthusiasm for work and desire to perform at high standards makes me believe that I will be able to live up to your requirements. I am eager to contribute with fresh ideas, initiative and hard work to the success of your company.

I would appreciate if you consider my application. I will be happy to meet you and discuss with you my career plans and qualifications. Please call me at 585858 or return the enclosed response form.

I look forward to hearing from you.

Yours sincerely
Violeta Marcheva

Mr. Todor Nikolov

Dear Ms. Marcheva

Id like to meet you. Please call (number) for an appointment.

I would like to talk to you to discuss some issues, so please contact me at (number)

I am not in charge of recruitment activities at the moment. You should contact:

We are not hiring now. Please re-contact me after

We are not hiring now. You can try this company:



Standard Call Letter


Dimitar Petrov
Maldost 4, bl.444,
Sofia 1111
Tel.: +359 2 767676

12 October, 2000

Dear Sir / Madam

By this letter I would like to express my interest in employment with your company. I am a sales professional with more than 5 years of experience in direct sales and sales management of fast moving consumer goods. I would appreciate if you consider me for senior sales position.

As indicated by my enclosed CV during my employments so far I have been involved in the whole sales process starting from direct sales and targeting customers through managing small regional sales team to establishing and developing national distribution network. My professional qualifications and varied experience makes me believe that I will be able to contribute to the achievement of the goals of your company.

Moreover, through my direct sales experience I have learned how to identify potential customers and establish contacts with people from various backgrounds. I have also came to realize the importance of maintaining good personal relations with clients for achieving good sales results. During my employment as sales representative for ABC I have mastered my presentation and negotiation skills. This experience makes me feel certain that I will be able to meet your rigorous requirements.

I have also developed excellent organizational and people management skills. I have a managed a team of 6 employees and I have acquired extensive experience in allocating tasks, monitoring and controlling performance as well as maintaining friendly terms with team members to enhance team performance. I have learnt how to motivate subordinates for the completion of common goals.

I am enthusiastic and open-minded person who seeks new challenges. I believe that my sales and managerial experience will be a valuable contribution to your team and will bring positive results.

I will appreciate if you consider my application. I would be happy to discuss the details of my career and my future plans with you. I look forward to hearing from you at your earliest convenience.

Yours faithfully
Dimitar Petrov

Enclosure: CV

Innovative Letter


Young, ambitious and creative professional with broad experience in account management in several advertising agencies is looking for a challenging new position to inspire clients for exciting campaigns and magnificent successes.

Account Manager

The ideal organization:
High achieving one with ambitious plans for business development, in which innovative and entrepreneurial atmosphere is the norm and team spirit is fostered by both staff and management.

The ideal job:
One that provides you the freedom to work more than 40 hours a week, that requires to experiment and bear the consequences of successes and learning opportunities and that calls for high degree of creativity and innovation.

The ideal offer:
Wide experience backed up by proven track record of successful performance and outstanding results combined with strong dedication to high achievements and hard work. Communicative personality determined to find the right approach to everyone.

You can miss the opportunity to add to your team

Ivan Nikolov:
Nadejda 3, bl. 345, entr. A, ap. 1
Sofia 1230
Tel: (+359 2) 363636
Available for interviews at your earliest convenience.

Requesting Info from Friends Letter


Nikolay Nikolov
Lulin 7, 755, entr. A, ap. 1
Sofia 1333
Tel: 22 22 22

12 Ocotber 2000

George Petrov

ABC Bank

Dear George,

We have known each other since our university days in Sofia University, Faculty of Management and Business Administration. As you know I have embarked on a career in the real estate business. For the past five years I have been managing a successful real estate agency, which have been engaged on several big investment projects. My work so far has been very challenging and intellectually stimulating for me but I feel that the time has come to concentrate my expertise and energy for the development of large-scale projects.

In addition to my private practice, my previous experience in Building International has exposed me to various problems and cases from the business. I have developed an in-depth understanding of the real estate market in Bulgaria and neighboring countries. During those years I have broadened my expertise through several courses organized by leading companies in real estate business worldwide. My professional qualifications are combined with intensive managerial experience through leading big projects and managing the real estate agency.

I am enthusiastic about stepping into a position, which will allow me to utilize my professional expertise and managerial skills. I am looking forward to experiencing new challenges and opportunities that will come from the larger scale of the responsibilities. I would like to be in charge of real estate activities of a reputable bank or construction company in which strong spirit for achievements exists.

I have enclosed a copy of my resume. Please feel free to pass along copies to any of yours business partners that you think might have an interest.

I plan to call you within the next two weeks to be sure you received this letter and to ask if you have any ideas about people I should contact, or specific positions I should pursue. I appreciate your taking time to consider my situation, and I look forward to hearing from you.

Best regards
Nikolay Nikolov

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