JobTiger Comments Rules

JobTiger Comments Rules

Users rights:

  1. Users have the right to be anonymous and to reveal their personality only if they wish to.
  2. Users can write freely their opinions. JobTiger does not take any responsibility for the content and reliability of information in the comments postings.
  3. Users can contact the comments moderator via the following email if they think their opinion was unfairly erased.
  4. JobTigers team can post their opinions but the latter should not be considered as legal consultation.

Users obligations:

  1. We recommend that users write their opinions in Bulgarian language (both Cyrillic and Latin letters are acceptable). Language other then Bulgarian is acceptable if the user does not speak Bulgarian.
  2. We advise users to be polite and respect the other users opinions. Postings containing insults, offences and improper words are going to be erased.
  3. Discrimination on the basis of age, sex, race and religion are not acceptable.
  4. Publishing of information which is subject of legal protection, including personal data, labor contracts, company correspondence, information, which is subject of copyright, etc.
  5. Spam is forbidden, as well as posting of misleading links and direct advertisement of companies and services.
  6. As the comments are focused first of all on issues of job searching, professional development, human resources, etc., we do not tolerate discussing political topics.
  7. JobTigers comments provide no space for publishing job ads. Those who wish to do so may consider posting their job ads at

Comments Moderator:

  1. JobTigers comments have moderator, who has the right to erase opinions which contradict the comments rules, stated above.
  2. Moderator decides what is spam, insult, improper words, advertisement, etc.