Averagely, how long is your workday?

    The poll results show that most of the employees spend between 8 and 12 hours on their working place. However how many are the hours really spent in doing the job engagements?

Its a matter of fact that a person cannot be 100% focused all day every day. The long conversations and meetings with clients, the struggle with software applications, texts and numbers, problem solving and so on inevitably lead to brain-fag. And sometimes the lunch break is not enough for taking a breath. Thats why workers seek escape in small, varied activities, different from the job duties. And these are the activities that become the biggest saboteurs on the working place.

Has the time of the overtime work strong control come? So both workers to be not abused and to spend fewer minutes in maundering along in the office ...

  • Answers
  • Less than 8 hours.
    12.29 %
  • 8 hours.
    35.50 %
  • Between 8 and 12 hours.
    41.28 %
  • More than 12 hours.
    10.93 %