Do the internships contribute to the proper professional realization of the young people?

Of course, we cannot be sure whether all poll participants know what does "an internship program" mean and how do the interns spend their time at work. But it is quite nice to notice the general positive attitude to the idea of people acquiring knowledge and working habits while they are young and wandering.

Stazhantski programi More disturbing is that almost 30% of the answers are "No" or "I dont know" which is tightly connected with the fact that many people feel unsatisfied or insufficiently appreciated at their working places lately.

In fact, organizing of a "sensible" internship program that fits to the long-term aims of the company is not so simple and easy task. Besides, carrying out of such a program costs high to the companies, because the total resources they allocate (staff, time, and equipment) exceed in times the visible and measurable benefits of the interns work.

In other words, the serious internship programs can be organized in the companies with enough incomes and resources to spend, including for trainings and personnel development. Therefore it is worth for young people to apply for such positions in such companies, even though they have to make coffee or copy some materials for the colleagues from time to time.

You can find information about available internship positions not only at the yearly forum "Careers", but also by visiting the upcoming events "Business Meetings with Employers", organized by JobTiger.

  • Answers
  • Yes, because they are being included in the CV
    8.32 %
  • Yes, if real skills and experience are acquired during their implementation
    63.58 %
  • No, because of their limited number in Bulgaria
    15.70 %
  • No, because of the short period of their implementation
    7.69 %
  • I dont know
    4.71 %