Do you feel secure in your job?

Does such thing as security exists? And if anyone answers "Yes", we’ll ask him/her "Are you sure?" The answers of the voters in the poll also show the same – nowadays anyone cannot be sure. The questions is what can a person do so not be victimized by abstract ideas and misunderstood definitions like "security" and "justice".

Do you feel secure in your job In our every-day life we constantly hear that people look for something "secure". Most people associate the "secure" job with external factors – receiving salary (worked out by someone else), working in a nice office (which is paid by someone else), the boss to be cool, kind-hearted, tolerant (to have less requirements), etc., etc. As many people, as many wishes...

On the other side of the medal there are the efforts and engagement, expertise level, our skills and willingness to give the best from ourselves. These things can make us sure and confident in ourselves, in our competences and contribution to our organization.

In other words, the sureness is complex of dynamic internal and external factors. The changes and uncertainty are the most sure things which can be foreseen, planned, managed and chanced by ourselves. When we participate actively in this process, the satisfaction is enormous and the “sureness” question remains in background.

In this matter, do not forget that feeling "sure" depends on our awareness of the world around us and our own growth – as much we trust in ourselves and in our skills to think and act, as less insecure we will feel. And this fact concerns not only our job.

  • Answers
  • Yes, as long as I perform well.
    45.21 %
  • No, nowadays very few people can feel secure.
    54.79 %