Do you use social networking sites while at work?

If 60% of the employees happen to keep an eye on social networking sites during their time at the office, how and to what extend it affects their efficiency and the overall results of the company? And is there a positive reference between the free internet access at the office and the employees motivation? Or the social networking is just another sophisticated way to waste time at the office?

Definitely its a vague boundary between the benefits and the losses of spending time on social networking sites during the working time.

And a question arises should the employers count on the willingness and ability of the employees to set the right priorities or should the employers conduct a tough control on them

  • Answers
  • Yes, the company doesnt have a formal policy in this regard.
    21.84 %
  • Yes, although its not encouraged by the compay.
    14.56 %
  • Yes, I need it for my work.
    13.98 %
  • No, it distracts me from my work
    14.76 %
  • No, its restricted by the company.
    34.85 %