Does your company hire interns or young people without working experience?

Bulgarian business gives many options to young specialists to become professionals

Internship programsFor interns and programs for career development of young people we may say a lot. They either could be the cheapest way to get a work done or to become a sophisticated way of finding and growing talents within the company. In addition, they are a part of the overall modern social and PR policy of each company.

Whatever the purpose of internships is, they are unique chances for young people to take their serious decisions for their future careers. Most young people still miss working habits and abilities to act independently while working in a team. And those mostly short-terms programs give a great opportunity to young people to try, learn, choose and build their professional lives.

Career Forum is not the only significant event in the field of internships. One can find few other specialized career forums during the whole year and take place in them no matter the University or profession.

  • Answers
  • Yes.
    44.31 %
  • No.
    50.61 %
  • Only for temporary internship programs.
    5.08 %