Have you ever lied during a job interview?

Lately more and more people while looking for a job face the problem "How to behave during the job interview so as to be liked and hired".

The statistics are ruthless about half of the jobseekers are inclined to misrepresent the truth.

How is this fact reflecting the jobseekers themselves after they start working? And who is the misled after all?

Some other polls and statistics show that more than a half of the workers dislike their jobs and are not satisfied by what they are doing!

Maybe the situation will be different if the applicants are more honest with their future employers? And maybe the number of people hired on inappropriate positions will significantly decrease? And maybe this will lead to considerable increasing of the quality of the job done and the employees' satisfaction ...

And how many of you still like their job?

  • Answers
  • Yes.
    48.17 %
  • No.
    51.83 %