What is most important to you when considering a new job offer?

43% of the participants in the poll say that the salary size and the additional acquisitions are still the most important factors for them when searching a new job. The concrete duties of the job position take the second place of importance when choosing the new working place, no matter that "there’s no shameful job"...

New job offer And still, many of those who can choose from several job offers have other criteria (or excuses for not starting the job) the employer should agree with – the working place to be near home, the job to be untroubled and less stressed and etc. The list is endless and everyone could add their unique contribution to it. Especially those who are long-term unemployed and those with little or none practice.

Different people have different adjustment to all job related matters through the time.
Can you think of any examples somehow explaining or reflecting the attitude to the work of you or people around you, both the employees and the employers?

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  • Answers
  • Job content.
    20.14 %
  • Salary.
    32.87 %
  • Benefits.
    9.26 %
  • Working hours.
    6.71 %
  • Job location.
    8.56 %
  • Work environment.
    7.18 %
  • Training.
    8.10 %
  • Less stress.
    7.18 %