Whats important for you when choosing a new working place?

Working in alargeand reputableorganization,your workplaceiscomfortable and everything ispredictable, it soundsmore or lessasnot totake responsibility foryour own development.

It is no secretthat inbig companiesworkis highlystructured,development opportunities, althoughthey exist,are limited andrare from one moment on, creativity is brought to minimum, and the "comfortable"middlemanagementstaff servesas a barrierbetween the ownersand creativeworkers in thelowesthierarchical level,then it is logicalto askwhat kind of peopleare we?

And though this poll is not representative, only 20% from the questioned choose the risk if it is financially secured.

Forhow manygenerationswe will be able todevelopentrepreneurial spirit andwillingness togo our own way, especially if weassumeand acceptthat it's easyand prestigious.

  • Answers
  • To work in a reputable company with clear prospects for development.
    38.97 %
  • The company should be big and famous. I dont care whether the smaller ones offer better working conditions.
    21.00 %
  • My working place should be impressive and comfortable.
    19.56 %
  • I can make many compromises, if the salary is good enough.
    20.48 %