When is your peak productive time at work?

For about half of the employees the most efficient time at work is until noon! Maybe the time has come to be set a new working standard - a half working day!

Employers Branding Most of the modern “office” employees, have asked themselves at least once is it necessary to waste so much time in the office while knowing that he or she works really active and effective about half of the time spent there.

If 50% of the employees are efficient in the mornings until noon and other 36% - in the afternoons and evenings, do you think both business and people will find more sense in working in shifts? This way they will have much more time for themselves and along with this will maintain considerably smaller office spaces and working places.

Well, those 15% of the ones who like working at night will be in uncomfortable situation but at last enough job positions have been invented and opened for them.

And of course, the two most natural questions that follow such reasoning are: "What are we going to do with so much free time (except going to sea sides, rivers, mountains, etc.)?" and "How can we make employers pay attention to the voice of the common sense? And do something ..."

  • Answers
  • Early morning
    32.67 %
  • Noon
    18.80 %
  • Afternoon
    18.18 %
  • Evening
    15.56 %
  • Late at night
    14.79 %