V-GAS Bulgaria EAD


Presentation New Brand - Vitogaz

Vitogaz Bulgaria EAD – full successor of Shell Gas Bulgaria EAD

The RUBIS Group acquired Shell business in Bulgaria, Spain, Germany, the Czech Republic and Switzerland in 2007. We would like to introduce the new company brand to you.

VITOGAZ has been the brand used by RUBIS group for the distribution of LPG since 1939.
By acquiring the Shell businesses in Bulgaria, Spain, Germany, the Czech Republic and Switzerland, RUBIS has turned not only into the largest supplier of LPG in Europe, but also into the most fast-growing company on the world LPG market.
Anywhere RUBIS has decided to enter the market, it has succeeded in establishing VITOGAZ and turning it in a short time into one of the leading brands on a world scale.  The company considers the product quality and the relations with its customers the most important elements of its business.

VITOGAZ delivers LPG to households as well as to gas stations, agricultural, craft and industrial companies.

Vitogaz Bulgaria EAD
We offer you LPG of the same quality as before… with the same people – only under a different brand

In Bulgaria, the RUBIS group assumed all assets of Shell Gas Bulgaria with a Head Office in Sofia and a Filling Plant and an LPG Storage Depot in Benkovski. The RUBIS group is going to distribute LPG under its VITOGAZ brand and through Vitogaz Bulgaria EAD