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“LEGA ART” Ltd. – Sofia

“Lega art” Ltd. - legal and business consultants was established in the autumn of 1998 as "Legal Art - Lachezar Kolev" – sole proprietor, aiming the creation of a small, flexible and highly effective consulting structure. Further, in the course of the developing business it turned out that a more representative and dynamic structure is needed, so “Lega art” Ltd. was registered in Sofia City Court in July 2001 by the owner – Mr. Lachezar Kolev and the entity of the sole owner “Legal art” was merged and transferred to the newly established one-person limited liability company.
The team, the philosophy and the concept of business, settled by "Legal Art - Lachezar Kolev", continued and strengthened the laid beginning and activity of the new legal entity of "Lega Art" Ltd.

Throughout the years of its operation "Lega Art" Ltd. has been specializing in professional consultations in a few basic areas of law, administration and economy, inevitably linked in the dynamic, constantly changing political, social and economic environment in Bulgaria in the last decades. The main target is to present effective, multilevel, full scale professional advise to our clients, who find “all under one roof” reliable service, covering their basic business interests in Bulgaria – legal representation and services, administration and remote running of businesses, tax advice and bookkeeping, business networking, investment research and solutions.
Since its establishment, the company has been showing a successful and stable growth, increasing the number and the quality of the clients, the scope of services provided as also the number and the qualification of the professional advisors working with and for it.