Melon AD more than 300 employees


Melon AD is а software development company founded in 2003. We have offices in Sofia, Skopje, Veliko Tarnovo, and Pristina with more than 300 developers. Our talent spans from web to mobile, backed by a DevOps, QA, and UX/UI departments. 

As of 2022, Melon is part of Kin+Carta, a dynamic global ecosystem of over 2,000 technologists, strategists, and creatives, giving you access to a wealth of expertise to enhance your digital presence and drive transformation and innovation. Together, we are especially good at building teams of resourceful and conscientious developers with a fresh view, who rely on each other.


.NET, PHP, Python, Ruby, SharePoint, HTML/JS, iOS, Android, PhoneGap, Xamarine Node.js, AngularJS, Ionic, React

Key services:

Melon provides integrated software development services that let our clients and partners focus on sales, marketing, production, program management and else. They come from around the world and a variety of industries (finance, technology, entertainment, etc.) or company types (start-up, corporate, SME, etc.). We take their ideas to heart, aim at being flexible and keep everyone well-informed and involved, as if we were sharing an office.


  • Be Smart

We look for a common-benefit solution for most situations, always acting with the long-term in mind.

  • Be Nice 

We have a balanced ego, act human and appreciate a good laugh.

  • Make Things Happen 

Faced with a problem we offer solutions, not observations or excuses. We value results, rather than office hours.

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