Българска петролна и газова асоциация

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 Bulgarian Petroleum and Gas Association:

was established in 1999 by the major companies active in the Petroleum and Gas industry in Bulgaria. The Association was founded under the conditions of State monopoly in the petroleum industry. The dominating position of the State owned biggest refinery "Neftochim" and the non-privatized distributor "Petrol" determined the unequal basis for the players on the petroleum market. In this atmosphere the main task of the Association was predestined - to contribute to the process of demonopolisation of the petroleum industry and to the promotion of the Constitutional right of free business initiative. The organisation took active part in the subsequent events and nowadays the prices of the fuels are liberalised and subject only to the regulation of the market principles. Now both "Neftochim" and "Petrol" are private and follow the rules of the market economy.

After achieving this first goal, Bulgarian Petroleum and Gas Association directs its activities towards the co-operation with the State authorities and the other non-political organisations in the process of harmonization of Bulgarian legislation with the Acquis Communautaire as a step towards the integration of Bulgaria into the European Union.

The Association is a voluntary non-political organization. Its founders are guided by the desire to pool their potential in order to protect the interests of distributors, producers and retailers of petroleum and gas products, develop petroleum and gas trade and industry in Bulgaria by reaffirming the equal status of economic subjects and fair competition.

Being aware of the fact that they represent both the interests of the business circles and the general public, the members of the Association volunteer to act according to the rules of a Code of Ethics, which guarantees purity of business morals, increased care for the environmental protection and quality of the products offered.

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