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Vaptsarov AD is a leading heavy machinery manufacturer in Southeast Europe.  The company started out as a small metal-working workshop set up in 1925 and has ever since constantly expanded and developed its production activities and facilities. 

From 1950 to 1990, Vaptsarov manufactured and shipped as many as 10’000 forging and press machines of various types as well as the turbines and other related equipment for most of Bulgaria’s hydro power plants, for a total installed capacity of 1220 MW.

In 1997 Vaptsarov once again became a privately owned company and has since seen its activities split into two main divisions :

Vapress (Press Machines) - mechanical eccentric presses, hydraulic presses, machinery for Biomass utilization.
VAP Hydro (Hydro Power equipment) - hydro turbines, valves and gates, pipes and auxiliary hydro power equipment 

Presently, approximately 90% of the company’s production is exported to EU countries.

Over the years, Vaptsarov has acquired extensive know-how thanks to generations of highly skilled engineers and workers who helped build the company.  Our know-how enables us to develop and manufacture highly dependable, state-of-the-art machinery and equipment which meet all the latest technical and safety requirements.  Our company is certified ISO 9001:2000 and our fully-equipped machines are CE certified.

At Vaptsarov we are dedicated to the Ecological Sustainability of our planet and pride ourselves on offering sound solutions for the production of Energy from Renewable Resources. For example, our machinery for Biomass utilization turns otherwise cumbersome solid Biomass residue of Forestry and Agricultural exploitations into briquettes & pellets, which are being increasingly used as a cleaner and less costly alternative to fossil fuels for heating homes and even entire municipalities.  Also, our recently-developed turnkey Small Hydro Power Plant (SHPP) provides a highly reliable and clean energy solution for small cities, municipalities and remote settlements or villages which possess adequate hydro resources. These are in direct compliance with our Company mission: Clean Energy for a Cleaner World.

Our guiding principles

Overall Mission Statement: 

• Develop the Company as a leading supplier of completed press machines as well as turbines and equipment in the hydro power sector.

• Human Resources
On-going professional development and training of our staff
Instill a sense of pragmatism and ethical behavior in our daily work
Maintain a safe, healthy and comfortable environment for our staff

• Environment
Further development and implementation of energy-efficient manufacturing processes
Meet and maintain international ecology standards

• Social Commitment
Promote common projects with local authorities
Cooperate with educational and social institutions
Being good corporate citizens