Naton HR is a human resource agency specialized in temporary employment and recruitment.

Our History

History of Naton HR began in 1991 (under the name AZ Plast) immediately after Slovenia became an independent state. In those early years of business, the company was a successful manufacturing plant in Ljubljana, with one unique quality and competitive advantage: it was the first company in Slovenia to lease workers to other companies in periods of own low seasons.  Our workers were employed in other factories to work on various job fields, from production lines and packaging, up to delivery of products and repairs.

In 1997, a very important year for Naton HR history, company was officially registered as a fully certified HR agency, with a license to sublease workers all across Slovenia. Naton HR was the first Slovenian company specialized in temporary and permanent employment (staff leasing and executive search). Since then, due to hard work, quality of service and excellence in delivery, Naton HR growth was steady and continuous. 

Recently, Naton HR have crossed out of Slovenia, to fulfill the needs of jobseekers and companies in a surrounding area, Croatia (2013) and Serbia (2013), Bulgaria (2014) with plans to expand the business and further offer HR services across Europe (Hungary, Austria, Germany, and Italy) in the coming years. Naton HR head office is located in Ljubljana, while we have our HR consultants working out of Slovenia, Croatia, Serbia and Bulgaria from their local offices in Zagreb, Belgrade and Sofia.


Our Culture

Our culture resolves around the principle of trust and building long term relationships with our clients and candidates. We constantly change and adapt to meet their needs and strive to provide them with outstanding services beyond their expectation. We promote effective and ethical business behaviors among each other, and put highest regards to professionalism, quality, cooperation, understanding and respect.

Our mission is to be a first choice human resource agency across the globe, specialized in temporary employment and recruitment, enabling our clients to focus on their primary business operations while we take care of their HR needs.

Our team consists of dedicated HR consultants and counselors committed to provide the best service to our current and prospective clients. Together we have an extensive experience in the field of staffing, human resource consulting and strategy development. This experience makes Naton HR successful at understanding specific and individual needs and requirements of our clients and candidates. 

Our approach is always customized, client-oriented and partnership based.


Our Services

Our key guideline is that clients must be handled with individual care. This is why we always begin our services by careful analysis of their specific needs and propose only those solutions that fully correspond to their requirements.

Daily, companies are challenged to prove their competitive edge on the market. As a human resource agency we understand the struggle of our clients when doing the business, as well as a new shift in our candidates' attitudes toward work. In today's business climate, attraction and retention of the best employees is becoming more and more difficult.

We help our clients to take a more supportive approach to managing human resources. We are strategically developing and adjusting our serviceportfolio to successfully support our candidates and clients in meeting their objectives.

Naton HR Ltd. is licensed to provide temporary work under No. 135 valid until 24.09.2020 issued by the Agency of Employment, Naton HR Ltd. is licensed to perform intermediary activities on employing both in Bulgaria under No. 1935 / 24.09.2015 and abroad under No. 1936 / 24.09.2015 issued by the Agency of Employment.