The mission of  KUZMANOV Foundation is through direct or indirect approach and advocacy work for quality education in Bulgaria, development of sports and tourism leisure for a healthier lifestyle, social inclusion of vulnerable groups in different aspects of public life and increasing the capacity and competitiveness of young people. An important priority for our organization is the preservation and promotion at home and abroad, the national cultural heritage.


The goals of KUZMANOV Foundation are:


Development of sport in their spare time, creating motivation of children and adults to participate in sports activities in order to improve their physical capacity, diversify and make full use of their free time, providing free access to sports facilities, the possibilities of using sport as prevention against intolerance, violence, tobacco use, alcohol and drugs. Formation and development of social skills in children - skills for teamwork, tolerance, solidarity, respect for the principles of Fair Play. Promoting the importance and role of sport through the media.


Started with natural, cultural and historical sites in Bulgaria and abroad.


Targeted at young people aged 15 to 30 years, according to international and European standards for youth work. The aim is to improve the quality of life of young people in the country. Promotion of economic activity and career development of young people, improving access to information, promotion of healthy lifestyles, prevention of social exclusion of young disadvantaged people, development of youth volunteering, raising public awareness, developing youth small cities and rural areas, development of intercultural and international dialogue and mobility.


Building and training of pupils in primary schools, secondary schools and training centers for the study of foreign languages, information technology and crafts.


Stimulate interest in children's activities with systemic theater, film, art and elocution, literature and music and a chance for selection of children with development prospects.


Financial assistance and social integration of children, adolescents and adults who live with an income per family member under a minimum wage, provide stipend of one minimum wage to talented students, free education in schools and educational centers of KUZMANOV Foundation.