The first shop opened in 1999 in Heilbronn, Germany and this city is still home to its headquarters. 
Having grown from a small store to one of the leader jewellers dealing with the customized jewellery, especially in Europe, it was decided to package the brand name as Glamira in early 2011 and Glamira Germany is hereby established. By the end of 2011, Glamira entered the UK and Spain markets.
In 2012, Glamira began to design its own products. This concept has allowed to expand internationally at a fast pace and Glamira Germany was divided into three branches as Glamira Germany, Glamira Austria and Glamira Switzerland in the same year.  At the same time, Glamira began to develop the e-commerce infrastructure, where R&D (Research and Development) works, patented product and the process of online sales are carried out, within our software and technical team, and accepted the customization of the jewellery 
according to customers’ taste as its main concept. Glamira continues to expand this process with new projects.
In 2017 the company established an office in Bulgaria

Countries We Sell - 
Europe: Germany, Austria, Sweden, Switzerland, Holland, Denmark, Finland, Norway, Spain, Italy, France, Turkey, United Kingdom
Asia: China, Japan, India, Russia
South America: Brazil

Come and join our team
Every day we look to push the boundary and provide services that wow our customers and introduce them into the sparkling and glamorous jewelry world. Whether you are interested in customer service, a web designer, or a logistic expert we have place for you to unfold your talent and passion. So welcome onboard to GLAMIRA GROUP! 
Our policy
We take just as good care of our employees as we do of our clients. We believe that happy employees mean happy customers, that's why we offer all kinds of resources to motivate and inspire our staff. 

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