Битекс ООД | Restaurants Incanto


Welcome to Incanto!

Restaurant Incanto was established in 2009 by talented and ambitious team. Our mission is to be messengers of the good taste in Burgas and to create new, exciting ways to spend time outside home. Incanto is not just a restaurant, but a different place, a true feast for the soul.

With a lot of hard work we have managed to create a place to express our inner world and the idea of beauty. A place with an atmosphere that embraces you; memorable with delicious food to talk about;with relaxing and energizing music to which you would make love to; with warm light from lanterns and candles to feel the energy of silhouettes; with buzzing of friends and lovers chattering who would breathe life into all of this and would take away with them part of the magic of Incanto.

We are a team of young and highly talented people who love their work. We are ready to experiment to improve our skills and surprise even the most whimsical customer. Our regular customers are already accustomed to the dynamically changing menu and ongoing developments in the interior and the overall atmosphere. We get inspired by world authorities in gastronomy and design. We have a rich culinary library and often turn to geniuses like Ferran Adria and Alain Ducasse when it comes to the improvement of a sauce or a dessert.

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