AWD Interior 20 - 50 employees


AWD Interior is the trade company founded in 2002. During 16 years of its activity it has emerged from a local company to the international one. For the moment our products are available in 18 European countries.

Our area of business is sale and distribution of bathroom accessories and home products. The entire range of goods is made for AWD Interior and marked with the same brand. Our assortment currently consists of more than 600 different products.

The main factor which enables us to differ from the competitors is our customer service policy – particularly the after-sale service. Furthermore, our modern and unique design is also worth noticing as well as number of new products introduced to our offer yearly.

Our activities in the area of constructing the assortment are focused on co-creating market trends, not only adjusting to them. Our modern 4000 m2 warehouse enables us to supply our customers efficiently. We cooperate with international logistic companies, assuring safe and quick deliveries to all European countries.