Plovdiv more than 300 employees


As a proven industry leader and among the leading manufacturers of PVC and aluminum profiles for architectural and industrial applications, LINKIN, with its Profilink architectural brand, has been present on the global market for 30 years.

LINKIN has more than 600 employees in Bulgaria, has 3 plants in ProfiLink and 3 plants in ProfiLink. LINKIN has 600 employees in Plovdiv, 12 distribution bases in the country and hundreds of satisfied customers. In addition to PVC and aluminium extrusion plants, part of the company"s industrial portfolio is a PVC waste processing plant located in Plovdiv. Plovdiv and own solar parks on the roofs of our production buildings. 

LINKIN continuously invests in smart machines and technologies in order to digitalize and automate production processes. The company has the latest generation of production lines, making them part of the fourth industrial revolution - Industry 4.0 / Internet of Services or so-called smart machines /. One of the latest innovations at LINKIN is the introduction of a proprietary MES system/ Manufacturing Execution System/ , developed by the company"s Devops team. It is a manufacturing execution system that ensures that quality and efficiency are built into the production process and are applied proactively and systematically. 

We have built an internal company culture that puts the customer at the centre. Our mission is to deliver the best product experience for window and door solutions at scale. Our long-term goal is to create the best products and services in the world to deliver an exceptional customer experience.

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