Interfoods Bulgaria is one of the leading companies on the Bulgarian market in the field of the fast-moving consumer goods. It has been founded in 1992 and from then on it has been continuously evolving and expanding.  Interfoods Bulgaria offers its customers brands that are recognized internationally and maintains them in the Bulgarian market on a long-run basis. The company handles logistics, sells, marketing, distribution, and the control of the goods. These tasks are managed by highly qualified teams that maintain permanent contacts with our clients and suppliers in Bulgaria and abroad with the help of highly technological information systems. Now 108 highly qualified specialists work in the offices in Sofia and Varna, and in the 5 distribution centers around the country. Our flotilla is comprised of 60 vehicles that are controlled and managed in accordance with all standards and requirements by the law. The company has a large cover over the retail business in Bulgaria.

Interfoods Bulgaria is certified under the quality standards ISO 9001:2008 and HACCP.


We build brands through long-lasting partnerships and experience.

We trust experience

For 20 years we build up products and brands in Bulgaria in order to stay alongside with the changes of the consumer market.

We are proud of our clients

Thanks to our experience in the Bulgarian market, we develop long-term relationships with our international partners:

  • 1992 – Papadopoulos – Greece
  • 1996 – Perfetti – Italy
  • 1997 – Mega Disposables – Greece
  • 1999 – Vileda-Subsidiary of FHP group
  • 2003 – Melissa – Greece
  • 2006 – Ybarra – Spain
  • 2006 – Tesa-Subsidiary of Beiersdorf
  • 2007 – Zanae – Greece
  • 2007 – Chupa Chups-Spain
  • 2012 – Golden Foods
  • 2012 –  Paloma
  • 2013 -  Jotis – Greece
  • 2015 - La Mediterranea

Interfoods has gone a long way in promoting the high quality products of our partners and in making them easily accessible to the Bulgarian consumers. We set high standards for the development of the brands and for the processes that control them. Our future goals are to offer high quality products and services with an added value for our clients and partners.