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In TAURUS Consultants we believe that the development of the communication process gives an impetus to the contemporary society. We hold that being well informed is the ground for the prosperity of the marketing communications segment. That is the reason we offer our clients information transparency about the participants in the sphere. And we appeal to those who do not want to get "The Shock of the Future" to transform their SECRETS into their obvious PRIORITIES. Our main goal is to assist in the regulation of the communication process. And moreover – we will work not only for increasing your money, but also for the ethics in business. It is important to us that everyone realises that the details already matter.

TAURUS Consultants is a consulting firm in the field of marketing communications: advertising, public relations, sales promotions, direct marketing, sponsoring, event and crisis marketing, lobbying.

The experience of our team encompasses a ten years period - since the very creation of the communication business in Bulgaria. During these years our multinational, as well as Bulgarian companies entered our clients list, among them:
Uniliver, European Commission, F. Hoffman La -Roche, Brown -Ferman Beverage, Agency for Small and Medium Sized Enterprises, DARU Car, MAG Advertising, Marc Communications/Edelman, Lowe Swing Communications, Media club/ Initiative Media, Bulbank AD, TB Biohim, Hebros Bank, Mobiltel, Vinprom Pestera, Gyuvetch/ ABV/ Net Info and  others.

- Management of the human resources in the marketing, advertising and PR departments
- Staff selection
- The company has at its disposal a bank of offers for specialists in the field of marketing communications. The choice and the evaluation are based on a long professional experience and detailed psychological tests.
- Professional qualification and team building training
- Training on seminar basis.
- Non-formal methods of team building.
- Restructuring and reorganisation of the departments.
- Management of inner conflicts.

Secret shopper – A strategy for improving the quality in the service sector using an objective and constant feed back. A specialised method for gathering of a detailed and impartial information from the specific customers perspective. The service is based on the content approach and is using periodical check of the range of services and the quality level of servicing in each outlet. The process is allowing a correct analysis of the actual situation, the adequacy to existent standards or the concept of new ones. This method offer a view to the direct competition, giving the opportunity for planning of outstrips actions.

For marketing communications agencies:
- Creating of business strategy and management of the information flow.
- Settlement of inner conflicts. Coaching.
- For Non-profit organisations  – lobbing and creating  communication strategies

TAURUS Consultants is offering specialised trainings in the field of marketing and marketing communications. Our lectures are very good specialists in their areas. The seminars are two days long and the participants are maximum 10 person in a group.  The topics are:

- Integrated Marketing Communications
- Marketing Research – general course
- Marketing Researches before the launch of a new product or service
- Marketing Researches after the launch of a new product or service
- Segmentation. Development of a new product or service
- Leadership
- Positioning of a new product or service
- Customer relationship management
- Presentation and Communication skills
- Cost estimation and time planning
- Media strategy and planning
- Client`s brief / Creative brief – the essence of the agency services
- Stimulation of the creative process
- Accounts and Creatives – how to achieve synergy

For more information:
telephone numbers in the office: 02.952.61.77; 02.953.41.28