Empower United
www.empower.bg 5 - 10 employees


Empower United is a not-for-profit organization with the mission to help empower Bulgarian citizens and Bulgarian companies to realize their full potential.
We are working in close partnership with all stakeholders to provide attractive opportunities and implement international best practices in order to improve education, leadership skills and professional qualifications of young Bulgarians and in the process help Bulgaria establish the world’s best educational system and to become one of the world’s most dynamic and entrepreneurial countries.
The Foundation is dedicated to creating a unique, strong and sustainable public private partnership model between the private sector, government and education, which could serve as the future global model for funding and developing early stage innovating business ideas and technologies.
Empower United is creating opportunities for people to gain knowledge, skill-sets and attitudes needed for breeding innovation, making informed choices and inspiring growth and development.
We are stimulating achievement through creating opportunities for ideas and talents to flourish and through creating platforms for knowledge sharing and professional support.