Why do I need a CV?

"Searchable CV"

If you make your CV a "Searchable CV", it will be visible to the employers who can access the CV database of JobTiger. Thus they can contact you if they have an available position, suitable for you, even if you haven't applied for it.

Different versions

You can create a list with several versions of your CV, for example in Bulgarian and in English.

Integrated application

You can combine your already created CV with a cover letter from the site (the cover letter can be created by you or by template). You can also use your own files to apply with if you like.

Jobs according CV

You can view a list with those job postings only that correspond to the criteria of your CV.

Easy maintenance

Filling in your CV will take some time in the beginning and after that you can easily maintain it always current. You can edit and renew the information in the CV wherever you like, as well as to create a list with several versions, for example in Bulgarian and in English.

Download as PDF file

You can download the already created CV to your computer in the most popular document format - as a PDF file. This way you can use your CV whenever and wherever you need it including applying for job postings in otherweb sites.

Share your CV

You can share your CV with your friends by using an external link for accessing it or sending it via email.