Job Postings

Publish your job postings and find the most appropriate and quality candidates.


  • Publish correct content
    (each job posting is reviewed and verified by our staff prior publication);
  • Have easy access to applications
    (You have the possibility to receive applications directly to your email or storing them online in the system of;
  • Reach more potential candidates with one job posting
    (You have the opportunity to add up to 5 locations and 5 business sectors in a job posting.);
  • Various ways for application
    (With attached CV, internal CV or LinkedIn profile, via link to corporate site.);
  • Guaranteed reach to your target audience
    (You have the opportunity to publish your job postings in a network of partner sites.).

Job posting types:

Job postings in are three types - corporate, special and free and they are prioritized in the general list in the following order:

Jobposting type Special design Link to external site for application Logo and
company website
Possibility for confidentiality Up to 5 business sectors Up to 5 locations

Corporate job postings

They are marked with 4 stars and take the leading positions in the list and in the search criteria. Corporate job postings could have different design, consistent with the branding of the company, as well as external link to the company website for application.

* The cost of the initial development of the individual corporate design is
200 BGN, VAT excluded. The publication of each subsequent job posting
in already established design will not be extra charged.

Special job postings

They are marked with 2 stars and are published after the corporate and prior to free job postings. They also have the opportunity to add external link to the company website for application.

Free job postings

They are published after the corporate and the special job postings and can be active for a period of up to 1 month. The number of free job postings an employer may publish in JobTiger, is unlimited in time.

Each job posting, published at has unlimited number of symbols and is published with the active cooperation of the JobTiger team.

We offer the best strategy for popularization of job postings and advertisements in the websites of JobTiger business group, over 40 job sites in Europe and worldwide, online and printed media.

Other partner sites where job postings from are exported are:

Job Posting Prices

  • 1 week
    2 weeks
    4 weeks
  • Free
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  • Special
    0 BGN
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    0 BGN
  • -
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