Unfortunately, the information concerning the employment terms in Bulgaria is not reliable enough. The data related to salary ranges, additional benefits, incentives plans, etc. is generally considered highly confidential therefore, almost nobody will be willing to share with you either own salary or the one of a peer. Furthermore, the figures from the official statistics do not always represent the real market, especially in the private sector.

You can find information on these issues from:

  • Friends / relatives / trusted colleagues
  • The recruitment company (if you are applying through one)
  • Zaplatomer.bg - salary tool

At the last stage of the procedure, it is a must to clarify in details what you are offered.

  • Standard components of the offer:
    • Salary:
      • Is it gross or net?
      • In what currency is denominated?
      • How often is reviewed?
      • Will there be any change after the expiration of the trial period?
      • Is there a thirteenth salary?
    • Bonuses:
      • What are the factors for bonus payment?
      • How often is the bonus paid?
    • Incentive plans: Are there any?
    • Holidays what is the amount of the granted days off per year?
    • Training opportunities:
      • How often training courses for the respective position are organized?
      • What kinds of courses are planned for the next one year?
    • Career opportunities: what are the promotion possibilities for this position?
  • Additional components:
  • Type of contract for fixed or unlimited period
  • Duration of the trial period
  • Working hours and overtime practice
  • Line of supervision
  • Job description
  • Staff appraisal practice
  • Dress code, company culture, rules, procedures, policies.

When you are not convinced whether you should accept a job offer you can apply the popular method for comparison of two alternatives, i.e. the T chart. At the left side you should write down the advantages of the job change while at the right one you should put your concerns. By visualizing this you will make your mind clearer.

At Zaplatomer.bg you can compare for free the salary you receive or expect with colleagues in the same professional field. This is done by filling in a few short fields here.
Here you can look at the average net salaries by sector, as well as see the minimum and maximum salaries for specific positions.

When receiving a proposal ask for few days to consider the option. Get advice from people you can rely on and only afterwards make the final choice.

What to do if we are presented with a counter offer?

  • Often, upon hearing the news that you are leaving, the employer tries to do his/her best to keep you on board.
    • Therefore he/she responds to your announcement with a counter offer.
    • In order to ensure that his/her offer will be appealing to you the employer will do his/her best to obtain detailed possible information on the offer you received.
    • The counter offer might be a temptation for you because of the salary, benefits, promotion and other incentives.
    • It is entirely up to you to decide whether to accept the counter offer but you have to know that:
      • In case you do not accept it:
        • You most likely will make the employer unhappy
        • In that case you will rarely obtain a reference
        • You will be more respected by your future employer
      • In case you accept it:
        • You will make your future employer really angry
        • You will have to explain very carefully to him the reasons for accepting the counter offer
        • You have to know that the employer will always have something in mind related to your attempt to leave the company
  • Tips for handling counter offer:
    • From the moment you announce your decisions to leave be prepared for a counter offer.
    • Stay calm when you receive it and request few days to think over it.
    • Immediately after you make up your mind, inform both parties.
    • If you decide to go to the new place, do not forget to tell your new employer that you had counter offer and rejected it.

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